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Testimonials of Brandon Dental Lab

In a recent, independent survey of Brandon Dental Lab's customers, Brandon Dental Lab was rated with respect to quality, service, turnaround time, fees, and overall satisfaction. The ratings were compared to those of 12,461 other labs around the United States. The results? Brandon Dental Lab received the highly-coveted "Exceptional" designation. Here's what some of the customers had to say:

Perfect Fit, No Adjustments

Brandon Dental Lab is absolutely and totally the best there is. I have a sensitivity that makes dental work challenging. We tried another lab. It was a lot of fittings and it was hard to do. Every adjustment was painful. After sharing my story at a conference a recognized leader in the field, Dr. Bill Strupp, recommended David Goldman at Brandon Dental Lab since I had such a challenging experience the first time. It was the best advice. They are good communicators. It was a wonderful experience. They were perfect the first time with no adjustments on any of them. The full upper and lower veneers are beautiful works of art. His work is beautiful and perfect. It is the least traumatic in terms of putting a crown in they were Absolutely Gorgeous and I look 10 years younger.

-- Barbara Nelson, Dental Office Manager, OK

Great Dental Lab Work

"David is very knowledgeable and provides a great product; very easy to work with and always available to answer questions or offer suggestions. I have used Brandon Dental Lab for 15 years.

Thanks again and keep it up. We love working with you guys"
--Stephen Pyle, DDS

Easy Fit and Happy Patients

"Great job on both Mr. B***'s surveyed crowns and Mr. F's lower ant bridge. I couldn't be happier! Both cases went in so easy that I was surpised to be done as early as we were! All due to your good work! Both patients were pleased, too.

Thanks again and keep it up. We love working with you guys"
-- M. Halcomb, DDS

Great Ceramist: Precision and Esthetics

" Hi Guys, I don't know if anyone is looking for a fixed dental lab, but I wanted to recommend Brandon Dental Lab. I have used David Goldman for the past 3 years...he is excellent and has trained with Dawson, Spears and Pankey. He has been in business since 1984 and takes pride in his work...he wants to make you and the patient happy. His work is precision and incredibly esthetic...you rarely have to do any adjustments and if something does go wrong for whatever reason, he will redo it no questions asked (he is always available by phone). The turnaround time is quick, but most all of his work is quality. He has a website if you are interested or his phone number is 813.684.4747 or toll free 877.597.4747... PS. I'm not getting anything out of this...I have gone back to pedo residency and am no longer using any dental lab. Trying to help out a friend. He is truly a great ceramist!"
-- T Sammons, DDS

Always Ready to Answer Questions

"Dave and his entire team are very helpful with any technical questions I may have. They always seem to have the right answers all the time".
--Joseph R. Lowe, D.M.D., Bradenton, FL

"Excellent work...willing to make every case successful."

--V. Dale Meeks, D.M.D., Eustis, FL

"Makes my job easier."

--Ray Dellaporta, Dentist, Vero Beach, FL

Tackles even the Challenging Cases

"David is part of my team. He is there with the difficult cases to completion. This means the world to me."

--Joann Dibella, D.D.S., Davie, FL

Professional & Superior Products

"...very professional, knowledgeable, and puts out superior products."

--Kelly Larson, C.D.A., Champaigne, IL

"My first choice of lab for my staff and family."

--Weston, FL

Reduced Chair Time

"Excellent. Brandon Dental Lab goes the extra mile. For the first time I don't have to spend 30 minutes with each crown before I see the patient."

--Michael Twigg, D.D.S., Springfield, VA

"Accurate fit. Easy seatings. Consistent Fabrication of crowns."

--Mike Chiaramonte, General Dentist, Tampa, FL

"Knowledgeable. High quality."

--Terence Fink, D.D.S., Southhaven, MS

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